The Easy Way English

The Team

Our team is more than just professionals doing their job; it is made up of good human beings, and this is our secret. You will find here very dedicaded people with various skills and all fluent in english as well as other languages. We offer you services, solutions and our smile!

Igor Morini

He is the "big boss", with a new idea or a new project everyday! His tireless passion made The Easy Way "condemned to grow". He says: "Our customers are on vacation, always give them your nicest smile".


Is she Spanish? American? Italian? Nobody knows. She has a huge experience working in tourism in several different countries. So while you are trying to figure out her accent, she's already found a perfect solution for your holiday. You will fall in love with her calmness and professionality!


Although he is the "baby" of the group, he already has the skills of a professional. His job is to check the bikes everyday and keep them in perfect condition, so all you have to do is enjoy the ride!


Italian girl, from Bergamo. She loves dogs and walking through the parks and on the beaches of Valencia and surroundings. Ex travel agent, she will be glad to answer all your questions.


He is Roman, but not a gladiator. He is a musician, but he does not play the mandolin. An authentic Italian but not typical! Very calm and composed, he hides the beat inside and he could tell you about every live show in town.


She is a multicultural and multitasking person. She loves to travel around the world, learn about new cultures while trying to order the disorder...or the opposite! She is always willing to provide you with any kind of information and at the same time adding some of her experiences. And finally she will end everything with a big smile. ¡Viva la vida!


23 years old, from Modica, Sicily. Sweet like bitter chocolate, she will help you having a pleasant holiday in the sunny Valencia. She loves cats and, as cats, night life. Ask her everything about bars, pubs and events in the city.


A girl from Tuscany, Italy. She loves to travel, take pictures and meet new people. She lived in lot of countries: Australia, Irland and now...Spain. In each country she had her own bike! She loves to practice sports and spend time in the nature.


27 years old, from Milan. Passion for travels, he loves sports and good food. He can suggest you good restaurants and he's always ready to give you a free smile.