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The best out of your visit to Valencia

Rent a Scooter in Valencia! We have a brand new fleet of 125 CC scooters from for you to make the best out of your visit to Valencia. They are especially useful for driving in city traffic (flexible and lightweight) and cheaper and more efficient than driving a car.

Availability depends on every day’s demand so we strongly recommend you use this contact form to book your scooter/s so we can have everything ready upon your arrival.

Please fill in the form carefully. When are you arriving? How many scooters do you need? For how long? We will get back to you within the day. If you are a large group we will ask you to transfer a small part of the fee. This way everything is so much easier for all of us!

What you need in order to rent a scooter

  • A driver’s license (valid for at least 3 years).
  • Be over 21 years of age.
  • A valid credit card (no amount is retained).

You have to know

Two helmets are included when you rent from us.

Every scooter comes with a full tank of gas so it must return the same or a 10€ fee will be charged.