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Special Day at the Beach


Beaches are Valencia's greatest attraction. The Easy Way has partnered with BeachLife and Mediterranean Surf to bring you what we call 'A Special Day At The Beach'.

Beaches are Valencia's greatest attraction. The Easy Way partnered with BeachLife and Mediterranean Surf  a few years ago for 'A Special Day At The Beach'.

Over 70 peopole rode our bikes though the old Turia river bed (one of the most amazing urban parks you'll ever see) all the way to the Patacona beach.

We all had an incredible day which even included surf clases! Here are some pictures of our experience. 

All pictures by El Taller de Radios



Valencia with Children

Children of all ages will always have something to do in Valencia. The city has the best gardens and parks, where kids can play and enjoy the facilities especially created for them.

Albufera Natural Park

The Albufera Natural Park was explored by bike by our team in order to find the best routes and roads to take you to enjoy the Natural Reserve and it's surrounding rice fields.

The Green Routes

The green routes are ideal ways for cycling or walking.