The Easy Way English

The Team

Our team is more than just professionals doing their job; it is made up of good human beings, and this is our secret. You will find here very dedicaded people with various skills and all fluent in English as well as other languages. We offer you services, solutions and our smile!

Igor Morini

He is the "big boss", with a new idea or a new project everyday! His tireless passion made The Easy Way "condemned to grow". He says: "Our customers are on vacation, always give them your nicest smile".


Is she Spanish? American? Italian? Nobody knows. She has a huge experience working in tourism in several different countries. So while you are trying to figure out her accent, she's already found a perfect solution for your holiday. You will fall in love with her calmness and professionality!


He is from Valencia. He is responsible  for repairing and keeping the bikes ready. Always wanting to learn and live new experiences. He is a rider who loves to jump and "freeride" on his bike in his spare time. He needs adrenaline and is always looking for new personal challenges.


30 years old, from Milan with a passion for nature, sports, music and movies. But above all he is always in search of new experiences. Simone is a compulsive traveler and is in love with life. He has an open mind and a huge smile because as he says..."a day without a smile is a wasted day!"


Our newest member. Half Italian and half French. He loves travelling and foreign languages. He likes football (AS Roma) and making jokes, so you'll always leave our shop with a smile on your face.


Her friends call her "zia Fabri". She is a volcano of energy enclosed in only 1,50 meters. Genuine like the people of her land, Basilicata (southern Italy), but cosmopolitan by vocation. Fabri can go from wearing a skirt while dancing swing to the tenacious ways of a body builder in a weight room. She loves uncontaminated nature, dialects, foreign languages and the radio. Fabri devours books and TV series. She also loves to talk and write as well as playing the guitar and taking walks along the beach. No wonder she doesn't sleep much!